CAN makes it easier to switch energy supplier

19th Feb 2016

On 19th February 2016, Community Action Northumberland (CAN) launched 'EnergyCAN’ a new service to help all electricity and gas consumers switch to cheaper prices .


Residential consumers can join an energy switching scheme, offered in partnership with Energyswitcheroo, enabling them to find the lowest available tarriffs for electricity and gas. 

To find out if you can achieve savings through the scheme click here.

There is a simple 4 step process to follow  and a help desk is available if needed.


Organisations including community buildings, voluntary sector groups and commercial businesses are invited to join our new bulk buying syndicate which will use members combined purchasing power to negotiate lower rates on energy contracts.  

Our partner, leading UK energy broker LSI Energy, will search the markets to find alternative deals on a no-obligation basis. If the deal is accepted, LSI will arrange the switch to the new supplier.

The syndicate already has 64 members benefiting from reduced energy bills and the more organisations join the more savings will be achieved.

To find out more about how the scheme works and how to join click here


EnergyCAN is part of CAN’s programme to help the fuel poor but  all electricity and gas users can benefit. 

As well as reducing their own fuel bills, members of EnergyCAN will be supporting CAN's work at no cost to themselves. CAN receives a small commission for every new contract and this income will be used to help us continue our charitable work.