Promoting Rural Issues

Providing and supporting a ‘rural voice’, to influence and tackle rural community needs and issues.

CAN is in a unique position to represent Northumberland’s rural communities, in order to influence local, regional and national policy: 

  • We have operated in rural Northumberland for more than 60 years and have built up a wide network of connections with community organisations and activists across the area.  This allows us to gather intelligence about the current issues of concern to our local communities, and to share ideas and experiences to inform the development of robust, locally relevant approaches to addressing those issues.
  • As a member of the national ACRE (Action with Communities in Rural England) network, we are able both to influence thinking on rural issues at a national level, and to disseminate information on current best practice from across the country to support community action at a local level.

For more information on key current rural issues, and ideas of how to become involved in addressing your local concerns – please see the drop-down menu.