Useful Resources

Are you unemployed, or looking for a change of career?  Whether you are currently looking for a new job or wanting to take steps towards doing so in the future, there are many resources available that can help you on your way:

Careers Advice

Looking for a new career but not sure which way to go?  Why not check out

The National Careers Service website:

  • Skills Assessment:   This page offers a number of assessments you can take to help to identify what careers might be suitable for you:  these include a simple 5- 10 minute overview, or a series of more detailed quizzes helping you to think identify your own skills, interests and motivations and match them against potential careers.
  • Explore Careers: Here you can find detailed descriptions of a huge range of jobs, covering what the role involves, what skills you will need, training required, possible career paths the job might open up and average salaries, and links to current opportunities.

Career Coach

This is an online tool that offers similar services to those available on the National Careers Service ie:

  • A career assessment tool to help you identify careers that most suit you
  • A browse careers tool, to help you explore in detail what potential careers involve.

However Career Coach also gives you information about how many people are currently working in each career in the Northumberland region, and current vacancies in the North East.


Applying for Jobs

Need some pointers on how to find and apply for a job?   The following pages from the National Careers Service cover most of the basics

If you prefer a more interactive approach  why not try one of these free online courses

Don't know where to start looking for work?  Good starting places include: