How OilCAN works

  • When you sign up, you will be linked to a local co-ordinator.

  • You can order fuel each month by placing your order before a given deadline.You will get a reminder of the next deadline each month. The full list of dates is available here.

  • To place an order, contact your co-ordinator by phone or email to let them know how much fuel you need.

  • Most members pay by direct debit but you can pay by debit or credit card. A 2% surcharge will be made if you pay by credit card.

  • You can spread the cost of heating over a number of months by joining our pre-payment scheme. You pay a fixed amount by direct debit every month that covers your annual fuel costs.

  • Your coordinator will pass all orders to Affinity, who will negotiate the lowest possible prices with suppliers and arrange delivery.

  • Your order will be delivered within ten working days.

  • If you are paying by direct debit, Affinity will invoice you within a few days of the delivery being made, and the payment will be taken from your bank on the 24th of the following month which gives members around one month’s credit from delivery.

  • Every time you order, you will be told how the price you pay compares to the average price for oil on the order date.

Read the frequently asked questions for more information below.